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If you’re searching for adventure in the Smoky Mountains, CLIMB Works has exactly what you’re looking for. Boasting two renowned zipline tours along with mountain biking opportunities, adventure seekers find endless thrills at CLIMB Works right in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Visitors must meet specific physical and age requirements to safely participate in ziplining tours.

Good To Know

  • Located across from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • Zipline tours take approximately 2.5 hours to complete.
  • Complimentary water is provided along the tours.
  • Participants must wear closed-toed shoes. Chacos and Five Finger shoes not accepted.
  • Physical and age restrictions apply for the safety of guests.
  • Mountain bike tours are approximately 2 hours long.
  • Guests must be 11+ years old to go mountain biking.


from CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains
CLIMB Works is Gatlinburg's premier family adventure destination featuring world-class zipline tours as well as Gatlinburg’s only true mountain e-biking. Nestled right across the street from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, you can explore one of the most beautiful places on earth in three unique and exciting ways.

Soar high above the mountaintop on our dual-line Mountaintop Zipline Tour – you’ll experience higher vantage points and longer lines than ever before. Take in epic 360° panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains from each platform and learn about the rich history of the Smokies. Along the tour, you will zip side-by-side on five dual zip lines, walk across four aerial bridges, rappel off one of our platforms, and enjoy a fun ATV adventure to the top of the mountain.

Mountain E-Biking
We provide the trail, the e-bikes, and the experience. With our brand NEW pedal-assist Mountain E-bikes and our guided, instructional first loop, you’ll have everything you need to conquer a new adventure.

We offer several trail options in our e-bike park. Our original loop is an intermediate two-mile trail with the first 1/3 uphill, second 1/3 smooth flow trail, and last 1/3 downhill. The loop can be as easy or as technical as you want to make it. Our new trail for 2019 is our two-mile “stacked loop” trail that features an intermediate climbing section leading to a fast, fun downhill ride cutting through dense pines and crossing several wooden bridges.

We make it easy to get started. Our professional guides provide a guided, instructional first loop that will teach proper biking techniques, educate you about the trail, and be able to provide personalized instruction. Our NEW specialized, pedal-assist E-Bikes give you the added energy to tackle the uphill portions of our trail, letting you ride longer and at your own pace.

If you’re an experienced rider, don’t think that since we love introducing beginners to mountain biking that this trail isn’t for you. Our world-class designed flow trail is packed with technical options – rollers, berms, logs rides, bridges, and incredible wood features that will give you the exciting single track you are looking for. Add a high-end specialized Mountain E-bike to the mix and get ready for an all-new adventure.

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CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains is located at 155 Branam Hollow RdGatlinburg , TN 37738
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Frequently Asked Questions about CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains

How old do I have to be to participate?
Guests must be at least 7 years old to participate. Guests must also be at least 70 lbs to ride. If guests are 7+ but under 70 lbs, they may be asked to ride tandem with a guide. Please inform us of any lighter participants in your party upon making the reservation so we can make arrangements.

Participants must be at least 15 years old to zipline without having an adult accompany them on the tour. Participants ages 7-14 must have an adult go on the tour with them.

Mountain Biking:
Participants must be at least 11 years old to participate. Guests must also not exceed 250 lbs.

Riders under 18 must be at least 16 years old to ride the trail without having an adult ride with them (although an adult must be waiting on-site). Riders ages 12-15 must have an adult riding the trail with them.

What is the maximum height and weight?
Guests standing 5'10" and over may not exceed 270 lbs. Guests standing under 5'10" may not exceed 250 lbs. No one over 6′ 8″ can participate.

Mountain Biking:
Guests must not exceed 250 lbs.

What do I wear?
Guests are advised to dress for the weather. Up in the mountains, it can be a bit chilly. Comfortable clothing is recommended. Short shorts, loose jewelry, and baggy clothes are not recommended. Rain can come and go very quickly so also wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet.

Closed-toed shoes are required to participate. Chacos, Five Finger shoes, sandals, etc. are prohibited.

What is the level of physical activity for the zip lining and mountain biking tours?
We recommend you be in moderately good health and be able to stand on your feet for 3 hours, as well as comfortable walking half a mile on even terrain. We strongly discourage from participating anyone that has recurring injuries, recent surgeries, or difficulty lifting your legs to your waist.

Those who cannot participate include:

  • Those that are pregnant.
  • Those who suffer from medical conditions that require immediate attention.
  • Those with existing or recurring injuries or have recently had major knee, back, or leg surgeries.
  • Those under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or anything else that impairs judgment.
  • Those with serious mental or physical handicaps or disorders that would not enable them to complete the mental and physical tasks that happen throughout the tour.

Will I need to “handbrake" while zip lining?
No. You will not be required to “handbrake.” You will also not be required to drag yourself over spans of cable. Our carefully designed course, innovative brake, and expert staff will take care of you from start to finish. You just have to worry about having a great time.

Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yes. Everyone must sign a participant form and waiver. Those under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the participant form.

Is smoking allowed at CLIMB Works?
No. Smoking is not permitted once you get into the harness.

Can I bring a camera?
Yes, as long as it is secured with a strap. We do not allow unsecured items that can fall out while ziplining. This is for the safety of those working or traveling under our zip lines and platforms.

Do tours operate in the rain?
Yes. Tours operate rain or shine. The Smoky Mountain eco-system comes alive during rainfall and is an exciting place. Ponchos are available upon request. We do not, however, operate in thunderstorms or extremely high winds.

Are lockers available?
Yes. Small lockers are on-site to hold your keys and small items. Everything else must be left in the car. If you choose to take your phone and keys with you on the tour, items must be secured. CLIMB Works is not responsible for lost items.

Can I watch my friends/family zipline?
The course is set up over 60+ acres. Due to the nature of the course, you will not be able to watch friends and family go through the course.

How long are the mountain biking tours?
Approximately two hours long.

Can I bring my own bike?
Yes. Road, hybrid or “townie” bikes are strongly discouraged as they do not provide adequate traction and control the trail necessitates. If you bring your own bike (BYOB), ensure beforehand that it is in safe, rideable condition. If you bring your own bike, you must also bring your own helmet.

Can I rent a mountain bike?
 Yes. In fact, we encourage it because our rentals are high-end, Specialized E-Bikes designed for riding mountain terrain. We do have youth size bikes for children eleven and older. Because all our rentals are inspected before and after being ridden, we guarantee you a bike in great condition. Also, we’ve simplified our gear controls so newcomer and expert alike can shift gears easily making the experience more enjoyable.

Do I have to bike up the mountain?
Yes. The uphill is about a half-mile long, so you’ll be at the top before you know it. Then every twist and turn of the downhill will be yours.